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Play. Reflect. Connect. Grow.

Kikori is a community-driven platform that is revolutionizing education through experiential and social emotional learning for all.

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Valerie Groth

"As a former social worker and now the founder of a school focused on social emotional learning, I cannot recommend Kikori enough. This tool is a must-have for our staff to provide personalized support for our students!"

-Val Groth, Founder and CEO, Ryan Banks Academy

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Join a growing community of educators who contribute unique eSEL activities every day!

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  • Energizers

  • Team Builders

  • Problem Solvers

  • Reflections

  • Community Service

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Giving educators access to 2,056+ experiential Social Emotional Learning (eSEL) activities every day. 

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How Does Kikori Fit in Your School Day?

Weave experiential Social Emotional Learning (eSEL) activities into your school day from the moment they walk in the door through Lunch to your after school programs!


Kikori Morning Meeting


Morning Meeting & Advisory

Bring sunshine to your classroom every morning with Kikori activities that welcome your students with consistency, build a sense of community and bring joy and fun to your classroom.  Kikori activities align with the Responsive Classroom framework and include Greetings, Sharings, daily activities, Morning Message for Elementary students; as well as Acknowledgements and Morning Announcements for Middle School and High School.

Kikori SEL Calendar

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Experiential + SEL = eSEL

Following the Play, Reflect, Connect, Grow Model, Kikori engage the whole student in a cyclical process that deepens their understanding of experiences and how they relate to real life.

Kikori Play Reflect Connect Grow Cycle

The Brain Science Behind our Activities

When students don’t feel safe and connected, they aren't able to learn.

Fight or Flight

How Kikori is transforming
Cambridge Public Schools:

Cambridge Public School

With a background in trauma-informed practices and theatre/improv, Cambridge School District SEL Lead Teacher, Alice Cohen shares why Kikori's experiential Social Emotional Learning (eSEL) activities are so powerful for students.

Loved by thousands from schools and organizations including:

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Santa Fe Public School District
Play for Peace
Chill Foundation

Made for Educators, by Educators

When Co- Founders Kendra and Bryn met, they each had reasons for bringing Kikori to life.  Bryn Lottig, MEPD is an expert on blending outdoor pursuits with leadership development. Kendra Bostick, LCSW was a School Social Worker whose job was to support students to be self-reliant, compassionate and productive. They knew the power of experiential education but saw that teachers didn't have the time, resources and knowledge to make it happen.

Success Stories

Kikori has been able to assist schools and organizations across the country in their SEL goals. Hear from some of the voices who love what Kikori has brought to their community. 

How Kikori Works With NYC At-Risk Students
Erin Samples, School Social Worker in NYC Public Schools in Brooklyn uses Kikori to support her students with impactful community-building activities
Experiential SEL (eSEL) in Motion 
We teamed up with The Suffolk Public Schools College & Career Academy at Pruden to showcase student talent. This event highlighted the benefits of combining experiential learning with 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills and Social Emotional Learning. 

Tuftonboro Central School, Wentworth NH

"KIKORI has helped me put in place a school-wide program in a few weeks that would definitely have been at least a year long process to put in place. It would have taken us so much longer to meet our school-wide goal of revitalizing our school culture...rolling out school-wide expectations and tools to make it happen in the classroom.  I would have had to do everything but with Kikori, I'm not developing...I"m supporting teachers to put the program in place...right off the 1 of school and we're already doing it!"
- Matt Tetrault, School Social Worker
Matt Teatreault, School Social Worker

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University of New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge 1st Place Winner
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Hundreds of activities contributed by incredible organizations including:

Learn more about Restore More's restorative justice practices
Learn more how Marli Williams uses epic facilitation to inspire leadership and growth
Learn more how Experiential Tools provides experiential education activities to educators.
Learn more how Play for Peace uses cooperative play in communities in conflict
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