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Experiential activities to build lasting connection. 

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Discover activities built to facilitate play, reflection, connection and growth! 


Ice Melters

In any kind of facilitated activity in the classroom or out, it is important to make sure your students or participants are “warmed up” to play, learn, and grow. These flexible activities can be done both with groups that have just formed, and groups that have been learning together for the entire year.



Whether it’s regrouping from lunch, setting the tone first thing in the morning, or just to get bodies moving, energizers help to focus attention, wake up, and get participants ready to learn. Skilled facilitators and teachers will sprinkle energizers throughout their days, keeping the lessons fun, active, and engaging!


Team Builders

Providing a safe and supportive learning environment allows students to focus their energy on learning. A sense of belonging fosters greater engagement and in turn academic success. Taking the time to create and maintain a positive classroom culture will have year-long benefits for your students - and you!


Physical Distancing

Adapting classic experiential activities to use minimal props and maintain physical distancing can be a significant challenge- but we have you covered. These activities are totally or mostly prop-less, and are designed to encourage physical distancing, and are able to be adapted to meet most standards of social/physical distancing.


Outdoor Activities

Connecting with nature and doing an activity outside can be a powerful part of an experiential program or lesson. These outdoor activities are designed to be outside, where participants can interact with their environment, have a breath of fresh air, and have fun.