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Become an Activity Contributor

We at Kikori believe that educators are creative and innovative - and that the SEL activities that teachers lead and students experience should represent our educators and students!  Kikori developed a community-driven platform to cultivate co-creation, and we invite you to join us by contributing your unique activity to the Kikori platform.

Once submitted, all Kikori activities are reviewed by our Content Quality Approval Team.  Our goal is to support you in contributing a high quality experiential SEL activity to be used in classrooms around the world.


Why Become an Activity Contributor?

  • Appify your activities!

  • Take part in community that seeks to support spreading experiential education globally.

  • Impact more people faster!

  • With Kikori, you will amplify your reach, build your audience, and increase connections.

  • Be featured in Community Connection!

  • Receive exposure through Kikori where educators and schools can easily find and connect with you. Opportunity to offer coaching services, workshops and products.

  • Connect with schools in your community!

  • Offer professional development services to area schools through subscription add-ons and obtain discounts to engage your community.

  • Receive valuable data to measure your impact!

  • Use feedback from data collection component to drive your evidence.

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How does Kikori Work for Activity Contributors?

  1. Exploratory Meeting through Zoom

  2. Sign Memorandum of Understanding

  3. Create profile on Kikori Contribute activities one of three ways:

    1. Using Kikori Activity Creator

    2. Submitting write-ups of your activities

    3. Telling us about your activities on a Zoom call

Apply Below:

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