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Join the Bullying Prevention
Journaling Challenge

Help your students spread kindness - with others and themselves - with the UnGUN Journaling Challenge.  By signing up for this challenge, you will receive a daily email  from October 25 - October 29th including a video from Dr. Marty K. Casey, Journal prompt, 'Safe Circle' activity and Appreciation activity.


"With these practices and techniques, youth will begin showing up better and feel better which will promote them to do better."
- Dr. Marty K. Casey

For Bullying Prevention Month, we at Kikori are teaming up with Dr. Marty K. Casey and the UnGUN Institute to help you and your students build practice self-care and speak about their emotions from a personal perspective.  

For the last week in October, we are providing you with 

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About Dr. Marty K Casey

Dr. Marty K. Casey is the Founder and President of Show Me Arts Foundation and CEO of UnGUN Institute, which helps people to disarm their trauma by engaging with the arts to achieve positive outcomes in their own lives and to build healthy relationships and communities.

Dr. Marty. K. Casey is a proud recipient of a series of firsts - among others, the first African American woman to receive a full scholarship in music and the first African American Woman Freshman Class President at Missouri Baptist University.  

Dr. Marty K. Casey founded and continues to manage Show Me Arts Foundation, a non-profit Multi-Cultural Artistic Development Foundation which has reached more than 3,000 under-served children and young people ages 5-18.   This program received a prestigious Beyonce #BEYGOOD Award


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