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Bryn Lottig

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I am the co-founder of Kikori, an app for educators that aligns experiential education activities with teaching and social emotional standards. I am a sought-after expert in experiential education and an Adventure Program Coordinator at Arbor Vitae-Woodruff, an Expeditionary Learning school. I received my Master's degree in Adventure Based Experiential Education from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Although I have over a decade of experience working with youth, I really refined my facilitation skills by working in the Leadership Program at Camp Manito-Wish YMCA for the last 10 years. I live with my husband and two children in Northern Wisconsin.

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Kendra Bostick

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Hi! I am the co-founder of Kikori, and I am passionate about empowering others, celebrating differences and using experiential activities to bridge divides. Along with Kikori, I am currently completing my PhD studies in Education at the University of New Hampshire, with a focus on measuring the impact of experiential activities on youth’s social, emotional and cognitive development. In 2017, I completed a Masters degree in Education focused on how to use Adventure Programming and Experiential Education to maximize meaningful learning within the education system. Following my undergraduate and MSW degrees from the University of Michigan, I worked as a School Social Worker for six years and as a therapist within inpatient child and adolescent behavioral health units for two years. My love of connecting with and learning from others has taken me around the globe to over 30 countries, and I believe that within the arena of education, all is possible.

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Sarah Gough

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I have over 20 years of facilitation experience in the not-for-profit sector and 10 years as Executive Director of Play for Peace, working with teams and organizations from 30+ different countries. Skilled in solution-focused strategies, I infuse compassion and joy into teams working in the most challenging of areas and topics. Grounded in a systems thinking focused MSW in interpersonal relations from the University of Michigan, I have a passion for mentoring change-makers and bridging life-changing work on the ground with a vision that is strategic, collaborative and sustainable. My expertise includes supporting organizational development, leadership and volunteerism through the use of experiential learning techniques.

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Nikki Delaney

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Artist, Scientist, Solution Seeker.

As the Product Manager for Kikori, I get to turn our vision of a world where all learners are joyfully engaged, following their curiosity, and working collaboratively with one another into reality. I am an experienced research scientist with a doctorate in chemistry. After four years providing technical support for clinical software, I rediscovered my passion for education in the children's museum industry. I have over seven years of experience designing and implementing hands-on educational programs aligned with academic standards. As the director of exhibits and programs, I established a strategic plan for the museum and cultivated key partnerships with libraries, schools, and other museums. I am excited to bring together expert coaches and facilitators to share their talents and activities with teachers everywhere.

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Mary Wong

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Planner, Taskmaster, Globetrotter.

I have over 20 years of strategic finance and planning experience driving change management through data analytics and process improvements for organizations ranging from pre-revenue startups to publicly traded companies. My diverse for-profit and non-profit background in Consumer Products, Education, Entertainment, Environmental Restoration, Insurance, Healthcare and Transportation brings a unique perspective to Kikori’s long-term vision and mission. I am a Board member, volunteer and a passionate impact investor.

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Haley Burns

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Creator, Visionary, Artist.

Hey! I am the in house designer for Kikori bringing the team's vision to life in all branding, web design, app UI design, and social media design. I direct Kikori's social media team, creating and executing Kikori's brand appearance. I create the visual appearance for brands and projects around the world. I am an experienced graphic designer, digital illustrator, and muralist with pieces located from the Northeast, USA to Melbourne Australia. In my free time you can find me teaching yoga or surfing in Costa Rica where I live or directing the End Poverty Innovation Challenge, a global student entrepreneurship social venture competition. I am not only passionate about creating beauty wherever I go, but also about creating innovative and empowering change which is why I chose to be a part of Team Kikori.

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Courtney Bourke

Writer, Collaborator, Lifelong Learner.


As a member of the content team for Kikori, I work on ensuring the activities on the app are the highest quality possible by creating standards, collaborating with content creators and suggesting features that will support educators in finding the activities they need right at their fingertips. In my previous experience as a children’s book editor, I was always focused on finding ways to make learning fun and engaging. I am excited to be part of the team at Kikori helping create new tools to achieve that.