2021-2022 School Appreciation Day Calendar

Updated: Jun 28

We can all agree that it has been a long year of online teaching, mask enforcing, and social distancing. Compassion fatigue is overwhelming educators now more than ever. "For essential workers like teachers, the day in, day out, unpredictable nature of the pandemic can take a mental toll and be fatiguing," according to Teach For America. Coming together to show appreciation for one another is important to create a safe healthy prosperous environment for not only our wonderful educators but our ambitious students as well!

Planning for next school year with appreciation on your mind? You're in luck, we have compiled a list of 2021-2022 school appreciation days based on feedback from leaders in the education field. Be sure that EVERYONE can get some kudos next year... after all you deserve it!

Struggling to find ways to show appreciation for those special people at work who went the extra mile to get you through this year? No worries! We already made an Appreciation Activity Planner linked below filled with activities that strengthen skills in the art of acknowledgment.