Connection without Contact Weekly Planner with Dr. Jim Cain

Learn about unique activities to create connection while maintaining physical distancing during in-person gatherings with our Content Creator Spotlight on Jim Cain!

Dr. Jim Cain

Teambuilding Guru Dr. Jim Cain of Teamwork & Teamplay is the author of 24 best-loved books filled with team and community building activities from around the world. His real-world in-person train-the-trainer workshops are legendary in the adventure-based field and his virtual team activities are being used around the world. In 2020 he set a new personal record, writing 5 new books in a single year, including his first novel and two others specifically designed to create connection while maintaining physical distancing.

This week Kikori is featuring a brand new playlist of Jim Cain's activities using the Dutchman's Rope! What is a Dutchman's Rope? The Dutchman’s Rope offers a simple, but unique, way to maintain physical distancing during actual in-person gatherings. It is a length of rope, tied into a circle, with knots tied every seven feet. Group members locate themselves at each of these knot positions, which are a visual reminder to help them maintain appropriate physical distancing.

This week's "Connection without Contact" playlist includes five team building activities that create connection while maintaining physical distance! You can access them, and Tips & Tricks on how to make your own Dutchman's Rope, on Kikori through the App Store (Apple),