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Kikori Team Takes ASU+GSV

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

From the Entrepreventure Eyes of Kikori Co-founder, Kendra Bostick

For the second year in a row, the Kikori App team was selected as one of the ASU+GSV Summit Top 200 Elite teams(!). Our team was founded by a School Social Worker and an Adventure Coordinator - to be part of this INCREDIBLE group of EdTech platforms... is a #dreamcometrue in itself.

And then there is the conference... The ASU+GSV is a whirlwind of #events, #learning and #opportunities - all splashed with San Diego sunshine. This year, we were able to connect with some of our most admired founders, investors, partners and leaders - and like all in entrepeventure, it was a mix of joy and hard work.

As I reflect back on all that was, I am coming away this year with three key takeaways...

1. Believe in your product!

For us, this means PLAY, REFLECT, CONNECT and GROW. By creating real opportunities for conference attendees to play real Kikori App activities, we built meaningful, memorable connections. We truly believe in the parallel process at Kikori, which means we aren't just telling you what we do... we're helping you experience it for YOURSELF. And for me, I have no greater joy than helping others take a moment to reflect on what they truly value, what words truly speak to them and why they are doing what they do.

2. Your team is everything!

I think the most beautiful thing about a start-up is that you get to create your team and culture. These two pieces are bi-directional, meaning yes, we get to choose wonderful people but we also get to put practices and processes in place that help us be our #BestSelves. As my teammates, Niquelle Cotton and Haley Burns and I engaged with other attendees, I felt like my BEST SELF. That is what happens when you feel a sense of trust, respect and comraderie - which is core to our team.

3. Trust the process!

When we found out that we were part of the ASU+GSV, we had at least two months to prepare. This was our key learning from last year's event - that this is the biggest opportunity all year to connect with attendees and make the most out of your time together! However, we are also... running a start-up. "Trust the process" means that we did our best and we showed up... and we met AWESOME people that honestly we may not have if we had every moment scheduled out! When I went into "selling" mode, I wasn't myself. But when I WAS myself, I was able to authentically share who we are and why we believe experiential, social emotional learning is SO important right now.

So many #thanks to all that we connected with at the ASU+GSV for your time, your encouragement and your shared passion.

Here's to continuing to play, reflect, connect and grow.

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