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National Heritage Months Calendar

Students (and teachers!) come to class with their own unique cultures, traditions and languages. Our job is to develop curriculum and practices that meet the needs of and empower ALL students!

As students connect with one another and become curious, they begin to understand how similar we truly are. If we foster a caring classroom, students will also begin to see that our diversity - such as traditions, appearances, preferences, foods and cultural practices - are what bring color and joy to the world.

Follow these 5 tips to encourage students to celebrate differences all year long by learning about each others' cultural diversity and creating an inclusive classroom:

  1. Invite students to celebrate each others' differences during ALL tasks (different ways of moving, thinking, talking, writing, singing, etc)

  2. Model asking questions to learn more about each other

  3. Observe global holidays

  4. Bring in music and cook food from around the world

  5. Make global friends!

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