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The Kikori May 2021 SEL Calendar!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Enjoy Kikori's first-ever monthly Social Emotional Learning lesson planner this May!

The end of the school year is nearly here! In order to make your life easier for the upcoming month, Kikori has created a May SEL Calendar to help you plan ahead. Each day has a team building activity that will help you bring social emotional learning to your classroom with five thoughtful daily themes.

By using a different focus each day of the week, your students will get to work a different heart, brain and body muscle group each day!

The FIVE daily themes include:

  • Mindful Monday: Meditation, visualizations, mindful practice

    • SEL Skills ~ Self-awareness, Self-management

  • Together Tuesday: Team building, trust activities, challenge course initiatives

    • SEL Skills ~ Self-awareness, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills

  • Wellness Wednesday: Nutritional & physical health, connection to nature

    • SEL Skills ~ Self-management

  • Thoughtful Thursday: Problem-solving, reflection, goal setting, journaling

    • SEL Skills ~ Self-awareness, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-making

  • Fun Friday: Games, poetry jams, music productions, theatre, comedy

    • SEL Skills ~ Social Awareness, Relationship Skills

We know that building in National Days can bring in some extra fun so we've included school-related national holidays just for you.