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Summer School 2024

Student Engagement
& Foster Learning

Kikori's PK-8 Supplemental Social Emotional Learning Program is designed to ignite connections and build a sense of community in your 2024 Summer School or Extended School Year program. Daily experiential SEL activities improve SEL skills, learner engagement, and support academic achievement.

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Build Resilient, Confident, Connected Students

Improve self-awareness, social awareness, relationships

& responsible decision-making.

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6 Week-Long Program

Choose all six modules or just a few.

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6 Daily SEL Activities

From morning greeting to closing circle. Choose what works for your program!

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Aligned to Standards

CASEL SEL Standards, 21st Century Skills.

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Summer SEL Enrichment

Integrate alongside academic program.

Weekly SEL Summer School Focus Areas


Week 1: We are all special members in our community of learners.


Develop student understanding of their potential and how a community can provide friendship, encouragement and support.

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Week 2: We have an understanding of how to follow classroom norms.


Develop student use of positive communication and behavior to interact effectively with others and develop friendships.


Week 3: We understand our feelings and respect others' feelings.


Develop students' understanding of how their feelings impact their behavior, which impacts others' feelings.


Week 4: We can work together to build connections and resolve conflict.


Develop students' ability to prevent, manage, and/or resolve interpersonal conflicts through teamwork.


Week 5: We are a diverse community where all have strengths and talents.


Develop students' use of prosocial behaviors of empathy, gratitude and compassion.


Week 6: We can build on our success this summer going forward.


Develop students' application of reflection and understanding of growth mindset.


"Kikori provides an opportunity to bring the curriculum to life for students. This is the next step of goal setting, student passion for creativity, social emotional learning, and sustainable student outcomes."




—Dr. John B. Gordon III

Superintendent Suffolk Public Schools, VA

Supports Six Design Principles for

Summer Learning and Beyond

Recommended by the Learning Policy Institute Spring, 2022 and

supported by Department of Education.


1. Center Relationships


4. Engage Students' and Families' Knowledge in Disciplinary Learning


2. Create a Culture of Affirmation and Belonging


5. Provide Creative, Inquiry- Based Forms of Learning


3. Build from Students' Interests and Take a Whole Child Approach


6. Address Educator Needs and Learning

Take A Peek at Day 1

Strengthen interpersonal bonds through leading

activities that build connections.  Six activities for you to choose from!

Day 1: I am part of a learning community. 


"I CAN learn something about each person in my summer school!"

Greeting of the Week: 

Warp Speed Greeting


The Line Up

Brain Break-  Energizer: 


Brain Break-  Calmer: 

Take a Breath

Circle Time of the Week:

The Closing Word

Bring Summer Spark 

to Your School

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Kikori Summer Spark Program

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