Our Dedicated Team

Meet the people behind the mission.

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Kendra Bostick

Co Founder

Changemaker, Social Worker, Connector.

Bryn Lottig

Co Founder

Adventurous, Passionate, Playful.

Sarah Gough

Chief of Business Development

Facilitator, Solutions-focused Strategist, Global Citizen.

Nikki Delaney

Chief Product Officer

Artist, Scientist, Play Partner.

Mary Wong

Chief Operating Officer

Planner, Taskmaster, Globetrotter.

Haley Burns

Chief Design Officer

Creator, Visionary, Artist.

Max Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Coder, Researcher, Supporter.

Nicholas Paul

Chief Content Specialist

Teacher, Inventor, Giver

Courtney Burke

Content Specialist 

Writer, Collaborator, Lifelong Learner.


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