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March SEL Calendar

This month's theme is "Moving Past "I Can't" to "I Can't Wait!".

All educators know that March snow showers don’t bring flowers - they bring standardized testing. For many of our students, standardized tests elicit stress, anxiety and fear. How can we help our students build endurance they can draw on during situations that are hard or uncomfortable? March is the month of RESILIENCE! If we can help our students experience success on small incremental goals, they will gain life-long tools they can use when the times get tough.

This monthly SEL Calendar is full of problem solving activities that help your students:

  • practice patience,

  • work collaboratively,

  • push their boundaries,

  • and build confidence!

All of the activities are clickable and take you straight into the WebApp where you can find facilitation steps!

Download the March SEL Calendar Below:

Here’s what you’ll love about the Kikori March SEL Calendar:

  • SEL activities to increase connection to self, others, and the planet!

  • Proven SEL activities help students build students’ sense of CONNECTION!

  • Easy to FIND and USE during Morning Meetings, Advisory Sessions, and more!

  • Relevant and FUN National day themes and activities!

  • SEL Standards-aligned and simple to integrate into lesson plans!

How to Use the SEL Calendar

Download Kikori through