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How to use Drawing to Build Connections and Spark Conversation

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

This month, we are featuring Kikori activity creator Chris Bent, Founder of Piccles. Piccles uses the oldest and most natural form of communication - drawing - to turn waiting moments into memorable experiences that leave people feeling connected to the community around them.

Piccles is an audience response platform to percolate ideas, collect sentiment or just have fun that's used by Human Resources, Event Planners and Experiential Marketers.

Meet Chris! and Chris's Puppy, Quinn!

Where did the idea for your company come from?

"It started as a collaborative coloring book that would make creative expression easier for all those 'non-artists' out there."

Where do you get inspiration from?

"People! I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, what they’re passionate about, and learning from their experience. Nothing more inspiring than meeting someone who is full of life."

How do you Draw?

"Not very well. But that doesn’t matter. I have fun doing it."

Pictured: Chris's Puppy Quinn

What advice would you give to teachers trying to help their students with expressing themselves?

"Expressing ourselves with words alone can be hard, especially with difficult subjects. It can be easier to create a lego structure, make a drawing or shape a hunk of clay into something that represents how you’re feeling and then describe that."

How do you think Piccles could impact students?

"We believe creativity is the biggest untapped superpower we all have, and unfortunately one that traditional education, with the standardized tests and right/wrong answers often squeezes out of students. We hope to reverse that trend, helping students to think more creatively and develop agency to shape their environment and leave their mark on the world."

Play Chris's Activities on the Kikori App!

Creative Classroom Connection: Drawing with Piccles

Use drawing and connection prompts to help students build meaningful connections. Great for a virtual ice melter, energizer, or opener!

Can be used in online class, office team morning meetings, and more!

The Friday Retro: Drawing with Piccles

Use drawing and fun creative reflection prompts to wrap up your week. Great for a closer or debrief!

Improve Mental Health: Drawing with Piccles

Use drawing and mental health prompts to help students increase wellness, identifying emotions, and happiness. Great for a brain break, reflection, or ice melter!

Exercise for Imagination: Drawing with Piccles

Use drawing and imagination prompts to help get your students creative juices pumping. Great for a brain break, energizer, or attention getter!

Gratitude Practice: Drawing with Piccles

Use drawing and gratitude prompts to help get your students practice appreciation and gratitude. Great for a brain break, energizer, reflection, or opener, or closer!

Click to Download the Playlist!

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May 19, 2022

Love this one!

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