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Kikori Launches Team Building App for Summer School

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Kikori is pleased to announce the launch of a new Web App to broaden access to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities for educators just in time to make the most of the CARES Act funding this summer, which provided $110 billion to K-12 schools.

Photo by Artem Kniaz on Unsplash

The Kikori app provides educators with resources and evidence-based activities to help students feel safe, connected, and excited about learning. The platform comes with over 400 team building activities aligned with SEL standards and 21st Century skills that can be applied to in-classroom, physical distancing and virtual settings. Many students have not been able to enjoy learning with their classmates since the start of the pandemic, but with the COVID-19 relief money, there is funding available to support student mental health, summer learning programs and software purchases for summer school programs this year.

“Students might be facing social and/or emotional challenges they have never encountered before. We want to welcome all students to our summer camp regardless of academic need or socioeconomic status. And this is why the resources and support offered by Kikori are invaluable to teachers--we have a wide range of activities at our fingertips...and we don’t have to work for them!”

-says Janine Potts, 1st grade teacher, West Shore Elementary School, Fenton, MI.

Schools around the country are already jumping on board to take advantage of Kikori’s curricular and social emotional offerings, including staff at 28 schools in the Santa Fe Public School District in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“We have a new opportunity to think differently about how we teach and educate our students that begins this summer. Experts, educators and parents alike agree that social emotional learning is paramount for our youth’s mental wellbeing,”

says Jenn Jevertson, the Prevention Coordinator forSanta Fe Public Schools.

“This is why we are thrilled to bring Kikori to schools in our district to support our educators to integrate experiential and interactive activities into the classroom.”

About Kikori

Kikori is an award-winning, female-founded, Public Benefit Corporation committed to democratizing experiential education and helping youths connect with themselves, others and the planet. Kikori was founded by University of New Hampshire Doctoral student, Kendra Bostick and Expeditionary Learning School Adventure Coordinator, Bryn Lottig. For more information, please visit

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Jun 26

Kikori's launch of a team-building app for summer school is a fantastic initiative! This app can greatly enhance student collaboration and learning during the summer months. By providing engaging activities and exercises, it fosters teamwork and communication skills among students. If you're looking for more details, you can visit their site to see how it can benefit your program. It's exciting to see technology being used to create more interactive and productive learning environments. This app will not only make summer school more enjoyable but also help students build essential skills for their future. Can't wait to see the positive impact it will have!


Kikori's launch of a team-building app for summer school is a game-changer in educational settings, leveraging the power of interactive technology to foster collaboration and engagement among students. This initiative mirrors the effectiveness seen in some of the best random chat apps, like Chatrandom, which seamlessly connect users worldwide through easy-to-use video chat interfaces. The success of Chatrandom, with its thousands of users and instant connection capabilities, showcases the potential of integrating similar technologies in educational tools. By offering a platform that encourages interaction while learning, Kikori is set to significantly enhance the summer school experience, making learning more dynamic and socially enriching.

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