Play. Reflect.

Connect. Grow.

Build empathy, increase self- awareness, and create connections in any learning environment- with the app made for experiential educational and personalized for youth’s social emotional learning needs. 

You care about your learners. 

We care about you.

Save Time

Save precious planning hours with one-stop-shop where teachers can find content and modifiable activities in one place.

Access & Organize Curriculum

Find engaging activities aligned with Common Core Standards, Social Emotional Learning targets and 21st Century Skills.

Engage Learners

Improve teaching and facilitation techniques through in-app training, personalized post-activity evaluations and guidance.

Create Classroom Community

Strengthen interpersonal bonds and a sense of community through teaching activities that encourage connection-building

Learning. That feels like fun.

By using the experiential learning cycle build empathy, increase self-awareness, and create connection.

Students make real world connection.



Engage students in direct experience.


Students internalize and apply learning.


Students make real world connections


Students participate in focused reflection.

Help your students play, reflect, connect, and grow.

Whether you’re in person, virtual, or anything in between!

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There's an app for that!

Kikori is an app intentionally designed for educators, facilitators and parents who want to use experiential and social emotional learning activities to help youth connect to themselves, others, and the planet.​

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"My SEL activities are in my binders that are at home. I often need SEL ideas accessible at my fingertips! Kikori provides me with quality ideas for any situation, anywhere (in the classroom, hallway, or outside) at any given time. With the app on my phone I am never 'empty handed' !"

—Marilyn Levin, Development Director,

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