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Kikori's Social Mission:

Access to Impact

Within the United States and around the world, we are aware of the systemic discrimination that unequally impacts people and communities.  These schools typically have higher teacher, student ratios and more traditional approaches to teaching.  


The power of experiential education has been proven to improve academics, increase a sense of belonging, and deepen relationships.  Our mission at Kikori is to democratize access to experiential education.  


At Kikori, we believe that all children, youth and adults (children at heart!) deserve access to high quality education. Through our social mission, we hope to help educators, facilitators, therapists, and corporate trainers around the globe discover and implement meaningful activities with participants.  


Rather than outsourcing our charitable impact, we are working directly with nonprofit organizations and schools to build a meaningful, collaborative strategy toward a brighter future - for educators, children and families. The causes behind systemic discrimination are complex but helping youth feel connected to themselves, others and the planet is possible to achieve.

Our Direct Impact on the Ground

How can you make an impact?

When you buy a premium membership you will be contributing to our Access to Impact program that gifts memberships to non profit organizations and Title 1 schools that help youth connect with themselves, others and the planet.


We have already seen many forward-thinking educators and facilitators join together into a supportive community, sharing ideas, helping schools and families flourish by joining with us in our mission to help make the world a better place.
  And you are invited as well! 

While our essential plan is always free, our premium membership offers advanced features to create, organize and share activities and playlists.



Meet our Social Mission Partner Recipients

Play for Peace (international NGO) and Kikori (startup edtech company) came together in 2018 with a shared version for building peace and democratizing access to experiential education. Since that time, they have co-created a mobile and browser based application that supports educators, facilitators and peace-builders in 21 countries with experiential and social emotional activities, knowledge sharing and networking.

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Do you have a deserving organization or school in mind that would love a Kikori membership? 


If you have an organization or school in mind, we would love for you to  nominate them by completing the following form with their information.


The qualifications for these organizations is that they are a registered nonprofit or a Title 1 School who is dedicated to helping youth connect with themselves, others and the planet (and that their members would love Kikori!). 

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