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Weave experiential Social Emotional Learning (eSEL) activities into your school day from the moment they walk in the door through Lunch to your after school programs!

How Does Kikori Fit in Your School Day?

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Morning Meetings.png
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Morning Meeting & Advisory

Bring sunshine to your classroom every morning with Kikori activities that welcome your students with consistency, build a sense of community and bring joy and fun to your classroom.  Kikori activities align with the Responsive Classroom framework and include Greetings, Sharings, daily activities, Morning Message for Elementary students; as well as Acknowledgements and Morning Announcements for Middle School and High School.

Curriculum Learning

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What is the Holy Grail of experiential, Social Emotional Learning?  When you are able to weave it into your core classes!  With Kikori activities, you can bring meaningful connection-building games into your math, reading or writing class so that students are learning content in the way they know best – through play!

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Energizers &
Brain Breaks

In order for young brains to organize the information they have learned, they have to take breaks in between (or even during!) lessons.  Kikori Energizers are quick, social activities that involve movement. If you have an academic topic you are working on, Kikori provides you with modifications to play the game while also continuing learning, all while having fun!

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Cafeteria Activities

Community meals can be different things for students based on how you cultivate this time and space.  How can you make sure that lunchtime is a time for building relationships, sharing skills and exposing students to new food and traditions?  Build in conversation starters and practice activities that builds skills of respect, kindness and appreciation for others.  To make this really stick, build Mix-it-up days into your school years!

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Recess Activities

Recess is one of the most important times of day for our students to practice social skills and relationship building.  Introducing activities that invite high energy such as tag games and team building activities can help students get their energy out and socialize!  Watch and see how these activities transform through students’ imagination as well.  This is a great place to see how all of our lessons and skill-building translates into the ‘real world’!

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Mindfulness & Calm Down After Recess

How can we minimize time lost when students come back from recess, full of energy (and playground feelings)?  Create consistent classroom zen using Kikori Mindfulness activities that help students build self-awareness and self-management skills.

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Outdoor Activities

The benefits in bringing students to the outdoors is endless, including the connection to nature, the physical benefits and even the resilience and challenge that comes from play during ‘harsher’ weather. Search for Outdoor activities to find connection-building games that incorporate nature.

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Classroom Celebrations

Help Counselors plan engaging and fun team building activities in seconds.


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Closing Circle

The beginning of your day and the end of your day are Bookmarks that can help a student prepare for what is to come or process in a meaningful way what happened.  End your day with a closing circle that incorporates appreciation activities, reflections, and celebrations to help students see the bright side – both of themselves and their classmates.

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After school activities

Do you lead After School clubs or programs – and want to build a caring culture?  Start each program with an Ice Melter or a Check-in to help students get to know each other – watch how relationships and community flourish.  If your students have a new task to overcome, Team Builders or Problem Solving initiatives can help them prepare to work together in deeper ways.  End your club with an appreciation or reflection activity to synthesize learning and connections.

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