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CampKindness BINGO Activity

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

On July 20th, camps around the world are celebrating CampKindness Day! On this day, Kikori is teaming up with KindnessEvolution to celebrate CampKindness Day by providing heaps of kindness activities at your fingertips!

And what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the small acts of kindness through CampKindness BINGO?!

How to Play:

  1. Give your “campers” (at camp, summer school, or home) this Bingo sheet (free printable download below!) on CampKindness Day and have them fill it out throughout the day.

  2. Are you celebrating all week long? Hand them out to campers on Monday and have them practice kindness throughout the week!

  3. For extra impact, at the end of the week, ask your groups these reflection questions:

How to Learn:


What were your favorite acts of kindness that you played? Why?

How did it feel when you were doing them?

What are your feelings about your group mates before playing CampKindness Bingo versus after?


Were there any activities that you think should have been on the sheet?

When were other times in your life where you have experienced true kindness? Are there people in your life who are often kind?


Were there any activities that you think should have been on the sheet?

What CampKindness Bingo activities can you practice more every day in camp?

What are your favorite CampKindess Day activities you can use when you get home? What would you like to take from this day back to your friends and school?

What if you could make your OWN Kindness Bingo sheet? What activities would be on it?

There are lots of fun ways to celebrate CampKindness Day Bingo's!

Celebrate campers who have gotten Bingo at the flagpole!

Provide campers who get CampKindness Day Bingo with a special reward! Maybe they are able to give a shout-out to someone who practiced kindness with them, choose the song that is sung in the cafeteria, or ride a Kindness book to friends.

Share with us how your camp made CampKindness Bingo come to life!

Download CampKindness Bingo by clicking below!

Kindness Bingo (1)
Download PDF • 387KB

Interested in playing CampKindness Bingo and finding dozens of other CampKindness activities??

Download Kikori by searching Kikori App through Apple, Android or Desktop!

How to make CampKindness Day easier than ever with the help of Kikori:

  1. Search for CampKindness Day or scroll through the Camp slider.

  2. Click into KindnessEvolution in the Creator scroll at the bottom

  3. Download a FREE Trial to access the CampKindness Day playlist where you are able to access all the activities in one easy-to-use group

This special day was inspired by Scott Ralls from Southwoods Camp and launched in 2018 in collaboration with the American Camp Association.

Make sure you also tag us when you share your campers celebrating CampKindness Day at #KikoriApp #KindnessEvolution #CampKindnessDay #CampActivities #KindnessActivities #ChooseKind

Share your kindness wins that came out of Bingo with us in the comments below!!

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