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New Year- New Adventure

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean the expeditionary learning needs to hibernate!  Tearing her ACL during a staff vs. students basketball game hasn't stopped "Adventure Bryn" Lottig and "Adventure Andy" Teichmiller from planning exciting winter adventures with the students in her school. 

Bryn and Andy's winter adventures are mostly out at Schlect Lake Ski Trails in northern Wisconsin.  The format is similar for each grade level with some special twists added in. Winter Adventure Schedule:

Large group hike

  • Lunch

  • Three stations with smaller groups:

    • Sledding

    • Fort Building

    • Capture the Flag

Lunch is hotdogs boiled in snow on the wood stove in the hot tent plus apple and chips Extra Specials by grade level: 3rd grade:  Adding an Iditarod Relay Race 4th grade:  Extra station with snowshoeing 5th grade + Kindergarten: "Buddy Sledding" event   6th grade:  Extra station with cross country skiing Pro Tip:  Grab some Lost & Found snow clothes to have as spare resources. How to stay warm in the frigid cold?  Bryn uses Snowtrekker Canvas Tents specifically made for cold AND handcrafted by her parents-in-law, Duane and Margot Lottig! Check them out @ Check out and like our Kikori App Facebook page where Bryn will be sharing the adventures and meaningful activities she always incorporates into each day!