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"I wish my students were more engaged and loved learning."

"I wish I had more time to help my students build meaningful relationships."

"I wish we could prioritize fun and joy in my school as much as we do academics."

If yes, you might value this, too:

Kikori was founded by educators and school social workers with the goal to design practical SEL resources founded on these core beliefs. We believe that..

…  Students must feel a sense of safety and belonging in order to learn. 

…  Students build a sense of safety and belonging by connecting through shared experiences where they feel valued, seen and heard.

….  Connections are the foundation of a positive learning community

….  Educators can cultivate a positive learning community through facilitating EXPERIENCES involving purposeful play and intentional reflection.

… Creating a sense of community is a hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on process that is achieved through an experiential process.

…  We believe that building a sense of community is a school-wide endeavor that encompasses / benefits students and educators.

Here’s what 2023 taught us:

2023 was a year of learning and growing. The most important lesson we learned this year was that building a sense of belonging in schools can have overwhelming positive impacts on everyone involved. This year we have watched as our unique approach to SEL has paved the way for students to truly bond, scores to soar, and teachers to stay. Hear it from the source:

"We have already proven that in the 15 minutes of time that you put into morning meetings, you will build the relationships necessary to work efficiently with your students - which will buy you more academic time back in spades.”

  - Columbus, OH First Year Teacher whose class achieved the highest state test scores in her school


Our Biggest Lesson

 was that including a daily 15 minute morning meeting has an outsized impact on your academics, student behavior, and school culture. Take a look:


Kikori schools report that teachers are more inclined to stay because they like their students and feel a heightened sense of belonging at school!

Academic achievement increases!

Kikori teachers who facilitate regular morning meetings are seeing improved academic scores! (A first-year teacher who uses Kikori regularly achieved the highest state test scores in her school!)

Disciplinary referrals decrease!

Teachers who use Kikori say that they have the lowest disciplinary referrals in their low as ZERO referrals, while school-wide levels were much higher!

Students are kinder to each other!

Kikori teachers report that students greet each other which they did not before. They push tables together at recess, which has never happened before. And they talk to students outside of their friend group, which they did not before.

Where to Start

Because we know the power of community building, we have made it our company’s mission to make SEL resources easily accessible for educators. Kikori does the work of designing meaningful Social Emotional Learning activities aligned with CASEL for every day of the year. 


Our organized Kikori Calendars offer teachers easy-to-implement:

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 3.44.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 3.44.50 PM.png

Daily Morning Meeting
Lesson Plans

Facilitator Slides

Printable Resources

Guided Student Reflections

You Could Be One of the Kikori 24

We do the heavy lifting so that teachers, students and schoolwide communities can reap the happiness rewards. The only thing we ask is that you dedicate 20 minutes of your morning to turn the tide of your school year for the better.


In 2024, we will be infusing schools across the country with Kikori joy using our thoughtfully designed, data-backed methods. Because we are confident that this works, we are on the hunt for 24 extraordinary schools who value what we do - creating school cultures centered around connection, belonging and joy.

The first 24 schools to join us for our January 2024 launch will get our most incredible deal offered yet on Kikori's school-wide package. 

For only $5k, you’ll get:

  • Kikori’s Explorer Supplemental Package for 18 months (Originally $7,500)

    • Personalized training on morning meeting implementation

    • Daily morning meeting curriculum (including slides, instructions and printables)

    • Premium educator accounts on Kikori’s digital platform

    • Detailed data reports, including impact of daily morning meeting implementation on students’ academics, behavioral outcomes and attendance

  • Kikori’s Summer ESY Package (Originally $2,200)

  • Total Cost $9,700


Be part of the proof. Bring happiness to your school this year and watch it change everything.

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