8 Ways to Promote Creativity in the Classroom! (with Daniel Cape)

Creativity is such a crucial aspect of student success, and there’s no better time to emphasize it in your school than at the beginning of a new year! Regardless of where student’s interests lie, helping them develop creative thinking skills will help them better solve problems and think more deeply about their learning.

Read on below for 8 of our favorite strategies for encouraging creativity in classrooms of all ages, and for even more creativity-themed content, check out our social media where, this week, we will be sharing all sorts of articles, activities, and videos to help you and your students think in new ways!

*Guest Author Alert - Daniel Cape!*

We had the honor of chatting with Kikori content creator Daniel Cape this week to hear about what he does to boost creativity for youth! Daniel is an expert in all things creativity and especially the role that experiential education plays in the development of diverse thinking. Check out his three tips and learn more about his work below.

Daniel’s Tip #1: Embrace Experimenting

Experimenting is the process of trial and error that occurs when trying something new, and making a point to learn in this way helps to build skills required for creativity. A key component of this, he says, is being open to the possibility of there being multiple right ways to perform a task or arrive at a solution.