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The January SEL Calendar

Updated: Feb 16

Start the year off dreaming of a new you with connection and confidence building activities!

It’s January! Help your students start the year with a clean slate and positive intentions with another Kikori Calendar month of Social Emotional Learning activities! This new year, we are back with a new calendar layout! As always, Kikori’s calendar is FREE. Don't want to search for each activity on the playlist every day? Try our PREMIUM free trial and get the calendar as a playlist in the palm of your hand!

Here’s what you’ll love about the Kikori January SEL Calendar:

  • SEL activities that foster feelings of SELF ESTEEM!

  • Proven SEL activities build students’ sense of COMMUNITY!

  • Easy to FIND and USE during Morning Meetings, Advisory Sessions, and more!

  • Relevant and FUN National day themes and activities!

  • SEL Standards-aligned and simple to integrate into lesson plans!