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How the Outdoors Facilitate Student Learning and Improve Wellbeing

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Connect Back to Your Roots this Earth Month!

Kikori’s mission is to help bring experiential, Social Emotional Learning activities into the classroom - as well as support students in connecting to the natural world outside of the classroom! With Earth Day happening on April 22nd, we wanted to explore...

Why does nature matter? What is nature to us, and has that changed over time? Why is it as healing as everyone says it is?

Hi, this is Francesca here! In order to answer the questions listed above, I will share with you three great TEDTalks that explain the value of nature, great Kikori activities to get your students outdoors, and some extra resources that nature helps your students enhance their Executive Functional skills!

1. Roots to Branches with Mary Skopec: How Nature can be Used as a Learning Laboratory

Mary Skopec is the executive director of the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, a part of the University of Iowa. This laboratory is a hands-on lab experience that promotes the study of nature, in nature, as all of its courses are run completely outside (rain or shine!). Whichever way nature wants to present itself dictates what you’re learning about at any given moment, so the lesson plans change day-to-day.