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Bullying Prevention Month Kindness & Empathy Activities

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When kindness is present; bullying, exclusion, and separation disappear! Our job is to develop curriculum and practices that meet the needs of and empower ALL students and teachers! As students connect with one another and become curious, they begin to understand how similar we truly are. If we foster a caring classroom, students will also begin to see that our diversity is what brings color and joy to the world

Follow these 3 tips to encourage students to celebrate differences all year long, cultivate kindness, and create an inclusive classroom:

  • Invite students to celebrate each others' differences during ALL tasks (different ways of moving, thinking, talking, writing, singing, etc)

  • Model asking questions to learn more about each other

  • Lead frequent appreciation & acknowledgement activities

The Planner

What's the best way to cultivate kindness in your classrooms? Experiential activities where students get the chance to practice and feel the serotonin boost that comes from acts of kindness. We've put together a CASEL Aligned planner so you don't have to with some of our favorite Kikori kindness activities. Download the PDF and click on the phone for all 21 of our Kindness Activities.