Ice Melters for Introverts

Updated: Aug 8

How to Make Ice Melters Interesting for Introverts

PLUS Four Printable Ice Melter Activities

Many introverts hate ice breakers for a variety of reasons. While extroverts often enjoy attention, those who are introverts find it overstimulating and overwhelming to be in the spotlight. Stereotypical icebreakers tend to move quickly, allowing little time to think about what you’re going to say or do in advance.

At Kikori, we believe that it is important to support youth in moving outside of their comfort zone and that may happen at different speeds for each individual. We also believe that activities should be built for all intelligences and that those who are more introverted possess special gifts that should be celebrated.


Why Ice Melter?

We first learned of the term “ice melter,” rather than ice breaker, from one of our mentors, Laurie Frank. She and our professor, Carla Hacker, shared with us that the goal of this initial get-to-know-you a