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Kikori Gets Tech Smart

Kikori's Platform Meets Teachers and Students Wherever They Are

Get Tech Smart - directed by the brilliant Flo Nicolas - is a local television program in Hudson, New Hampshire that showcases the latest NH tech. In the latest episode, Kikori's co-founder, Kendra Bostick, was invited into the studio as a special guest.

Together, they dive into Kikori's cutting-edge approach to education, which centers around experiential Social Emotional Learning (eSEL). Kikori App is on a mission to provide a top-notch education for K-12 students, and every day they support educators worldwide through their innovative platform. With thousands of resources about topics like mindfulness, problem solving, hey give teachers, facilitators, therapists, and corporate trainers easy-to-use tools to create engaging and meaningful activities for students of all ages.

Tune in below to discover how Kikori App is changing the narrative of education with its community-driven approach, helping thousands around the globe develop critical life skills.

Visit Get Tech Smart's YouTube Channel:

About Get Tech Smart's, Flo Nicolas:

Flo Nicolas is the Co-Founder and COO of DEI Directive, a game-changing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) technology firm that provides a comprehensive DEI Intelligence Platform. With our data-driven platform, organizations can easily monitor, track, and measure the outcomes of their DEI initiatives and make informed decisions about their DEI strategies. Flo is also the Founder & CEO of Get Tech Smart, a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to educating and informing on the latest and greatest technological innovations in New Hampshire. She is also the Director, Producer, Creator & Host of the local TV shows "Get Tech Smart" & "Get Resource Smart," which inform and educate viewers on the newest trends and innovations in technology and organizations providing vital resources to residents in need. Flo's expertise and experience make her a valuable resource in the tech industry and beyond.

As an alumnus of the LinkedIn Accelerator Program's Technology & Innovation Creator cohort, Flo has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the industry. Her work has been featured in various media outlets, including New Hampshire PBS's The State We're In, New Hampshire Union Leader, NH Business Review, and NH Magazine. Flo is also a sought-after speaker and was a guest speaker at Wicked STEM New England in 2022. With her passion for innovation and dedication to educating and empowering communities, Flo is a rising star in the tech industry.

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