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Leading Peace Events at Your School (with Play for Peace)

We are experiencing a time in history when actively seeking and spreading peace is more relevant than ever. Educators around the globe are asking the tough questions:

  • How do we talk to our students about current events?

  • How can we answer their questions in an age-appropriate way?

  • How can we prevent further division? What is the best way to focus on togetherness and create a school community that seeks peace?

There are no “one-size-fits-all” answers to these queries, but there are resources that can

support educators at this heartbreaking time. Both Kikori and our partners at Play for Peace believe that promoting peace and practicing intentional community-building is the best way to support our school families exactly where they are right now (big feelings included).

Play for Peace, who is currently celebrating their 25th year bringing together children, youth and organizations in communities in conflict through laughter, compassion and peace, has put together a beautiful compilation of activities to support teachers and students to lead their own version of a Play for Peace “Peace Event” at their schools.