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The Link Between Art and Student Well-being

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

How is art instrumental to well-being? How did Policy affect Arts Education? PLUS Kikori activities to bring out your students' creativity

Most of my recent blogs have been about the importance of writing, not just for the well-being of youth but for all of us as humans. Art is a beautiful thing we have developed as a species that comes about through our emotions. Art is a window into our subconscious and expresses how we truly feel at the moment. Because of the emotion it conveys, art has an immense power to bring people together and to make a statement. But what about the act of doing art? What does it do for the artist?

Since March is both Women's History Month and Youth Art Month, Kikori is focusing on blending the two with Social Emotional Learning activities that promote well-being for your students!