4 Activities to Skyrocket Engagement

Struggling to get students engaged in virtual or in person classes? Here are 4 simple, no cost, energizing ice melters that can be used to boost engagement throughout the year.

Hot Take

This is a good activity for the first few minutes of a meeting on any virtual conferencing platform, or for a short brain break. It gets people moving and laughing a little, reacting to popular culture references, foods or fashions.


This activity requires very little preparation. It’s good to have a list prepared ahead of time. The list should include things people are likely to have an opinion about. Be sure to have things on your list your group will be familiar with. It works best and is the most fun if the group have their cameras on.


1. Invite the group to turn their cameras on or to be ready to put their reactions in the chat.

2. Give directions: “We will be learning things about each other in a series of ‘Hot Takes.’ I will say the name of a thing or a category and your job is to react. Your reactions are only ‘Yes, I really like that thing!’ Or ‘No, that thing is not for me.’ Yes is designated by waving your hand in front of the camera. No is designated by crossing your arms to make a big X in front of the camera. It’s important to be able to see your screen when you do it so you can see others’ reactions."

3. Practice the signs, maki