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Celebrating 11 Days of Global Unity

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

11 Global Unity Activities with 11 Amazing Organizations

Kikori is excited to be partnering with We, the World in order to celebrate the 11 Days of Global Unity, which links local awareness and action campaigns together into an inspiring international movement.

11 Days of Global Unity has become a worldwide platform for the promotion of peace, justice, sustainability and transformation that annually includes as many as 700 associated events in over 60 countries around the world. It culminates on September 21st, the U.N. International Day of Peace which is celebrated globally. We, the World partners with organizations to shine a light on 11 important themes:

Your Printable 11 Days of Global Unity Planner

This week, Kikori will be featuring activities paired with these 11 themes, so you can bring awareness and reflection to your classroom. Just download the printable planner below and click to be brought directly to each activity in the app! Premium members can access the list in an easy-to-use playlist.

CLICK the 11 Days of Global Unity Printable below to download

All of the Planners are CLICKABLE to take you straight into the activities!

11 Days of Global Unity Planner Printable
Download PDF • 1.51MB

How to Use the 11 Days of Global Unity Planner

Download Kikori through Apple, Android or Desktop for free! Each of the activities for the planner are available within the Kikori platform along with 500+ more experiential activities aligned with CASEL Social Emotional Learning standards!

How does Kikori ensure these activities build social emotional skills like self-awareness and relationship skills? Each activity provides you with instructions that follow the experiential learning cycle. This means the activities help youth actively engage and then provides reflection questions related to the activity.

These questions help youth reflect and build self- and social-awareness (what happened during the activity?), make meaningful connections to their own lives (how did what happened during the activity connect to other experiences?), and engage in personal growth (what are they going to take from this activity into their lives?)

BONUS: Along with aligning activities with CASEL's Social Emotional Learning Standards, activities are also aligned with the 21st Century Skills and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

CLICK the 11 Days of Global Unity Printable below to download

All of the Planners are CLICKABLE to take you straight into the activities!

11 Days of Global Unity Planner Printable
Download PDF • 1.51MB

The Unity Theme activity is the Restore More Circle Work Script created by Restore More.

The Restore More Circle Work Script creates a structured space for students to address topics that are culturally relevant, anti-racist, and promote community through transformative dialogue.

In 2018, Restore More was founded to help organizations build capacity with Restorative Practices, Anti-Racism, and Social-emotional health. Restore More creates curriculum and workshops that teach people how to unpack their emotions, giving voice to the tough stuff to be their healthiest selves.

The Interdependence Theme activity is Peace Pass created by Play for Peace.

The Peace Pass is a challenging, full group activity requiring focus and patience. Within this activity, teams practice interdependence by building channels and learning how to come together.

Play for Peace was founded by asking, "What is the highest purpose of play?" and answering, "Peace." Play for Peace is a community of 2,000+ people spanning 40+ countries who bring together children, youth, and organizations in communities affected by conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace.

The Environment Theme activity is Outdoor Art: The Benefits and Beauty of Impermanent Creation created by Keegan Lynch.

Within the activity, Outdoor Art: The Benefits and Beauty of Impermanent Creation, youth are given a chance to create an outdoor artwork using natural materials. This activity is based off of Andy Goldsworthy's ephemeral art, which means temporary or impermanent.

Keegan Lynch teaches art in Madison, Wisconsin, and uses this activity to help youth reflect on that which is permanent and impermanent in life.

The Economic Justice Theme activity is Co-Creating Symbols for Change created by International Children’s Month.

The activity Co-Creating Symbols for Change supports youth in brainstorming a symbol to represent their team's goal.

Heidi Little is a professional singer and co-founder of the International Children’s Month, a free online platform for children, families and communities to empower human connection. International Children's Month asks the question, "How do we build a world that works for all?"

The Health and Wellness Theme activity is Peace Breaths created by Karen Palmer.

Peace Breaths are mindful breathing techniques that use beautiful imagery such as Ocean Breath, Petal Breath, and Star Breath to help youth regulate emotions and be more present and mindful in their lives.

Karen Palmer, Miss Kindness, is a mom who made a wish that sparked a kindness revolution. She went from being homeless to being internationally known as a Global Kindness Leader and Educator, including being a founding member of Wold Kindness USA and Peace Pals Ambassador.

The Children and Youth Theme activity is Inspirational Rocks created by Kindness Evolution.

Within Inspirational Rocks, youth paint rocks with inspirational words / designs to encourage self-appreciation and acts of kindness.

This activity perfectly represents the mission of KindnessEvolution, which was formed to more fully integrate intentional kindness, compassion and generosity into every aspect of society. Founder, Wendi Gilbert, has researched the kindness space in America for five years to launch the KindnessCollective and CampKindness Day.

The Women Theme activity is I AM Statements created by Debbie Gratitude.

The I AM Statements activity is an affirmative writing practice that empowers individuals and promotes self-love. Studies suggest that positive affirmations can help us develop a healthy sense of self and respond in a less defensive way when presented with life challenges.

Debbie Gratitude hosts a daily live stream called Gratitude Unfiltered Show where she interviews healers from all walks of life.

The Human Rights Theme activity is The Art of Listening created by International Children’s Month.

The Art of Listening activity is a guide to active and supportive listening.

International Children's Month Founder, Heidi Little, has also recently launched the Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, which offers instructional modules based on embodiment practices, tools and techniques. Heidi has been a progressive educator and SEL curriculum designer since 1993. Heidi is also an International Award winning vocalist/songwriter and performance artist.

The Freedom Theme activity is Issues Step In created by Marilyn Levin.

Issues Step In is an experiential way to discuss and share commonalities around a topic. This activity allows participants to share their feelings around meaningful topics, such as Freedom.

Marilyn Levin, Development Director of Play for Peace, is a social entrepreneur focused on catalyzing the global transformation that is underway. She is an award winning activist, a professional speaker and trainer and the author of Experiential Activities for a Better World.

The Disarmament Theme activity is UnGUN Journal created by Dr. Marty K. Casey.

The 7-day UnGUN Journal challenge helps participants practice self-care by letting go and pouring into themselves.

In 2018, Dr. Marty K. Casey was inducted into the United Nations as the first female Goodwill Ambassador of Peace in the Midwest. Dr. Casey founded Show Me Arts Foundation for youth and the UnGUN Institute, focused on disarming Trauma in individuals to heal from collective trauma events, which plague the black communities. Dr. Casey uses the arts as her platform to “un-gun,” meaning to unload negative things.

The Peace Theme activities are Land Blessing by Teri Angel and Peace Poles by Peace Pals.

The activity, Land Blessing, is a place-based mindfulness practice to show our respect for the planet, Mother Earth, and to speak our desire for our world to be more peaceful.

On September 11, 2020, Teri Angel began a Peace on Earth Tour to follow her passion of bringing more energy, education and collaboration for peace on earth. Her mission to bring about peace is enacted upon each day through conversations with people of the communities visited and through land blessing rituals which involve local residents.

Peace Poles are symbols of international peace and friendship, reminding us to keep peace in our thoughts and hearts. Building a peace pole as a school or community project is a way Peace Pals can work together for peace. They are often given as gifts by groups or individuals to the community and can be found in homes, schools, and parks.

Peace Pals International fosters understanding and respect for the diversity and oneness of the human family and the natural world through its various and creative activities.

CLICK the 11 Days of Global Unity Planner below to download

All of the Planners are CLICKABLE to take you straight into the activities!

11 Days of Global Unity Planner Printable
Download PDF • 1.51MB

New to Kikori?

How to Use Kikori and Kikori PLAYlists

  1. Download Kikori through Apple, Android or Desktop for free!

  2. On Desktop? Print the Planner Printables above and click right into the activities to get instructions, reflection questions and more!

  3. On your phone? Use the search bar to easily find the activities.

Do you want the 11 Days of Global Unity in the palm of your hand?

  1. Sign up for the Free 30-day Trial and you will receive access to every playlist!

  2. Click into the Playlists icon in the Menu. The Planner includes each of the 11 Days of Global Unity curated activities.

  3. Click the heart on the Playlist to save it to your Favorites found in your Home (with the heart!).

  4. Click the Share icon in the top right corner to share the Playlist with your fave educator or facilitator friend!

  5. Don't forget to print out the 11 Days of Global Unity Planner above to use as a guide.

Last but not least!

Complete each activity once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Each day will be around 20-30 minutes of team building / social emotional skill building.

What activities did you play for the 11 Days of Global Unity? Tell us in the comments below!!

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