Cross the Divide

A problem solver that builds responsibility and accountability by Chris Cavert.


You will just need something to designate a start and finish line - something the groups will not trip over. This activity works with 12 to 24 players.

See "Variations" for information about how to do this activity physically distanced.


1. Designate a start and finish line - about 20 feet apart. Players get into groups of two or three behind the starting line and stand side-by-side and foot-to-foot (sides of the shoes touching).

2. Challenge each small group to cross the space between start and finish keeping their feet/shoes connected at all times (end players will not be connected by their outside foot). If the feet/shoes separate, they start again.

3. When everyone makes it across, combine two (four to six player) groups together in a line and have them go back across.

4. Super Challenge: The whole group crosses in one long line.


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