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Cross the Divide

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

A problem solver that builds responsibility and accountability by Chris Cavert.


You will just need something to designate a start and finish line - something the groups will not trip over. This activity works with 12 to 24 players.

See "Variations" for information about how to do this activity physically distanced.


1. Designate a start and finish line - about 20 feet apart. Players get into groups of two or three behind the starting line and stand side-by-side and foot-to-foot (sides of the shoes touching).

2. Challenge each small group to cross the space between start and finish keeping their feet/shoes connected at all times (end players will not be connected by their outside foot). If the feet/shoes separate, they start again.

3. When everyone makes it across, combine two (four to six player) groups together in a line and have them go back across.

4. Super Challenge: The whole group crosses in one long line.


How did the activity change after making the group larger?

Who held you accountable?


Have you struggled with accountability in other things?

Who do you look out for? Who looks out for you?


What can you learn from this activity?

Physical Distancing:

To accommodate physical distancing with this activity, facilitators will need several (as many as the number of participants) 12-foot loops of rope. The rules of the activity remain the same, but instead of having to keep their feet connected, participants form a line by connecting their ankles within the rope loops and must maintain these connections while they walk. To make it easier for them, only have them start over if the rope slips off of someone's ankle entirely; for a harder challenge, have them start over if the rope ever comes slack.

This activity was posted by Chris Cavert. See this activity and others by him at

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