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December eSEL Calendar

Use the Magic of Reflection to Create a Winter Wonderland Ending to 2023 ❄️

It's that enchanting time of year again! December is officially here with its festive vibes and cozy feels. As we bid adieu to this whirlwind of a year, let's sprinkle a touch of reflection magic into our Morning Meetings! Imagine Morning Meetings & Advisory Periods in your classroom as a special invitation for students to hit the pause button, let thoughts snowball, and ride the emotional sleigh ride of the season.

So, how about we team up and make this December a winter wonderblast together? Kikori’s December eSEL Calendar provides you with daily Morning Meeting activities to help students further their connections with one another and practice the art of mindful reflection. These activities are thoughtfully designed to encourage introspection, empathy and a classroom culture of support to close out 2023. ❄️ Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

December Weekly Learning Intentions:

❄️ Week 1: Self-awareness

I can say one thing I did well this past year.

❄️ Week 2: Self Management

I can do one calming strategy that helps me feel more in control when I am upset.

❄️ Week 3: Social Awareness

I can identify how others feel.

❄️ Week 4: Relationship Building & Responsible Decision-Making

I can talk with my family members to identify one area we did well in 2023 and one area I want to improve in 2024.

Download Week 1 of the Elementary or Advisory Calendar Below

Elementary eSEL Calendar

December Kikori SEL Calendar (3)
Download PDF • 3.92MB

Middle & High School eSEL Calendar

Advisory December Kikori SEL Calendar (1)
Download PDF • 1.78MB

Interested in December's full eSEL calendar?

Just click the activity!

All of the Planners are CLICKABLE to take you straight into the national days and Kikori activities in the Kikori platform! The Elementary and Advisory calendars share a monthly theme, and activities within the two clickable calendars are specially catered to that age range. If you want to specify for your student grade further, click on the correct grade level variation within the activity! We also encourage you to explore “Variations” offered within individual Kikori activities.

How does reflection help our students grow?

Completing reflections has huge benefits for your students, including increasing self-awareness (critical for emotional intelligence!) and in developing a better understanding of others. Reflective practice helps students cultivate creative thinking skills and helps them connect more deeply to the activities they participated in. This is why reflection is a core part of EVERY Kikori activity.

How to Use Your Monthly eSEL Calendar:

Our December eSEL Calendar provides you with daily experiential social emotional learning (eSEL) activities accessed via the Kikori platform that you can facilitate with your students. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Start your day with a Morning Message or Advisory Announcement

  • Practice those ever-important social skills with Greeting Activity

  • Encourage connection with a Sharing or Acknowledging Activity

  • Facilitate an interactive National Day Activity (i.e. Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day, National Ice Cream Day, World Kindness Day, etc.)

  • Flex essential muscles with our Day-of-the-Week Activities for Mindful Monday, Together Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Fun Friday

Are you looking to help your students build critical social emotional skills? Each of Kikori's activities are aligned to CASEL Social Emotional Learning Standards, 21st Century Skills and Sustainable Development Skills!

How to Kikori:

What is your favorite reflection activity to play with your students? Let us know in the comments below - and we can help you add it into the Kikori platform!

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