Engaging Visual Learners with Ink Factory

Updated: Aug 12

How to keep learners engaged and interested with visuals PLUS a printable weekly planner of visual learning activities!

Have you ever taken a quiz online to find out what “style of learner” you are? While it is debated whether people truly have one main learning style, it turns out that most of us learn better with visuals! Incorporating more visual cues using different methods from videos to charts to demonstrations can help your classroom thrive.

Why are visuals an important tool for learning?


Images and memory are strongly linked, and studies have shown that we remember pictures better than words. When people hear a story through words alone three days later they'll remember 10 percent of it. However, if pictures are used along with the story, people will remember 65 percent! Use of visuals alongside text can be a fantastic tool for helping students retain and retrieve what they've learned.