Kikori Weekly Planner ~ Gratitude & Appreciation

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

This week, you will most likely be asking yourself what you are thankful for. At Kikori, we are thankful for our communities and the people we get to work with. We make time regularly to express this gratitude and appreciation knowing it helps each of us feel valued, which in turn motivates us to grow.

This is no different than a classroom! If you allow your students to take the time to reflect on their gratitude and appreciation for each other, you may be surprised by how they will interact with each other and grow from those experiences. Everyone wants to feel valued- that’s why this week, we are providing 5 gratitude and appreciation activities to help your students to focus on helping others in their community feel valued.

From a simple and short guided mindfulness activity to fun and flexible “feel good” activities, we have you covered with everything you need to create a positive, thankful, and appreciative community with your classroom. And of course, we would not be able to share these activities with you if it were not for our amazing content contributors, for whom we are incredibly grateful for!

Mindful Monday: Increasing Gratitude with Thankful Toucan Guided Meditation an energizing et calming guided meditation to support positive focus and mindset

Together Tuesday: Pleased and Proud Appreciations a powerful tool that strengthens skills in the art of appreciation and acknowledgement of oneself and others

Wellness Wednesday: Appreciation Sheets strengthen skills in the art of appreciation and affirmation with powerful ‘I am’ statements

Thoughtful Thursday: Living Legacy a thought-invoking icebreaker connecting past to present

Fun Friday: Letter to Self an individual reflection to record highlights and significant memories

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