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The Ultimate Gift For Teachers in 2021 that they won't ask for.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the teacher in your life? Kikori App helps educators, facilitators, and parents navigate whatever situation the upcoming school year may bring.

Through this app, teachers are able to access more than 350 activities, and search for specific activities needed to help their students express their feelings in a trusting and safe manner

We are now offering activities that can be done virtually and with physical distancing.

With the Kikori App, educators can…

  • Explore hundreds of activities aligned with SEL standards and 21st Century Skills - activities that can be led in the classroom, virtually and while physical distancing

  • Filter for activities based on activity type, outcome, grade level, materials available, energy level and so much more!

  • Create, publish and share your own original activities based on collaborative planning and content-based needs

  • Organize and save favorite activities and custom playlists of activities based on unique classroom needs that can be shared with other educators in your school


Activities are aligned with social emotional learning standards, 21st century skills and teaching standards so they can be easily incorporated into any classroom and meet students’ unique needs. Our secret sauce is experiential education - a universal way to help students connect with others, build self-awareness, and gain insight into their special strengths.