Using Games to Explore Team & Culture Building with Barometer XP

Updated: Sep 5

How to build stronger teams by playing and creating games PLUS a printable weekly planner of activities to get your team playing and growing together.

Playing games with a team is an invaluable experience to build connections, establish communication, and navigate conflict. But if you want to level up your team building experience, consider creating games with your team! Creating games with others can help you build an even stronger team culture and cohesion.

Barometer XP believes games and simulations can inspire people to navigate conflict, establish clear processes and communication channels, and cultivate leaders who prioritize diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Their mission is to create and facilitate games that encourage self reflection at both the individual and collective levels, drive conversations about team dynamics, and provide a fun shared experience that enhances team identity. And now, Barometer XP has brought five new activities to the Kikori App that guide you through five different game mechanics that can amplify social emotional learning outcomes!

  1. Kinetic games can help develop resourcefulness. These games encourage players