Welcome Circle

This week's second highlighted activity by Laurie Frank is Welcome Circle - an engaging way to create a welcome space and acknowledge diversity

This is a great activity for intergenerational groups or groups with buddies from another class.

Choose your questions carefully for this activity. Make sure that everyone gets to go into the circle a few times. Order the questions so that many people are stepping in together toward the beginning. By the end you may have some questions that allow only a few to step in.


1. Gather in a circle.

2. Teach the students a welcome greeting to perform while saying "Welcome": Pat your thighs twice, clap twice, snap twice, then thumbs up.

3. Tell them that you will call out different prompts/questions. If it is true for them, they are to take a step or two into the middle of the circle, e.g., "Everyone who is a student at this school. (All the students will take a step in and you will do the welcome greeting for them).

Examples of things to call out: "Everyone who... has a brother, sister... lives on a farm... likes art... likes to play soccer... is left handed... has moved this year... likes video games..."

4.Everyone who does not step forward then does the welcome greeting.