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August's SEL Calendar

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

......And we're back to school! We made August's SEL Calendar specially designed to help your classes bond, build trust, and make crucial connections that will lead to great classmate dynamic AND better academic performance!

Week 1

Mon, 1: Respect for Parents Day, What's the Quote?

Tues 2: National Coloring Book Day, Giraffe Coloring Book

Wed 3: National Watermelon Day, Fruit Salad

Thurs 4: International Clouded Leopard Day, Menagerie Card Game

Fri 5: International Traffic Light Day, Traffic Light

Week 2

Mon, 8: International Infinity Day, Circle Within A Circle

Tues 9: International Co Working Day, Sentence Story

Wed 10: World Lion Day, Animals Greeting

Thurs 11: National Son's and Daughter's Day, We Love People Who

Fri 12: International Youth Day, Pride and Dream

Week 3

Mon, 15: National Relaxation Day, Meeting Eyes

Tues 16: National Tell a Joke Day, Mega Mirror

Wed 17: National Non Profit Day, My One Wild and Precious Life

Thurs 18: Never Give Up Day, Hands Down

Fri 19: World Humanitarian Day, Wealth and Value

Week 4

Mon, 22: Be an Angel Day, Guardian Angel or Mentor Letter

Tues 23: Slavery Remembrance Day, Tug of War Activity

Wed 24: International Strange Music Day, Song Tag

Thurs 25: National Secondhand Wardrobe Day, Mass Acquisition

Fri 26: National Dog Day, Non-Verbal Essence

Week 5

Mon, 29: Individual Rights Day, What I Stand For

Tues 30: National Beach Day, Mapping It Out

Wed 31: Eat Outside Day, Setting the Table

How to Use the SEL Calendar

Download Kikori through Apple, Android or Desktop for free! Each of the activities for the calendar are available within the Kikori platform along with 600+ more experiential activities.

BONUS: We understand how important SEL frameworks are so we've aligned each activity with CASEL's Social Emotional Learning standards and 21st Century Skills to make finding the RIGHT activity for your youth easier than ever!

What are the Kikori daily themes?

Each day, the SEL Calendar provides you with an activity focused on the following daily Kikori themes:

Mindful Monday activities include meditations, visualizations and mindfulness

Together Tuesday activities involve team building and initiatives that build trust

Wellness Wednesday activities focus on ways to build physical and emotional health

Thoughtful Thursday activities use problem solving and reflection to help grow inward

Fun Friday activities are energizing activities that reinforce the importance of joy

How does Kikori ensure these activities build social emotional skills like self-awareness and relationship skills? Each activity provides you with instructions that follow the experiential learning cycle. This means the activities help youth actively engage and then provides reflection questions related to the activity.

These questions help youth reflect and build self- and social-awareness (what happened during the activity?), make meaningful connections to their own lives (how did what happened during the activity connect to other experiences?), and engage in personal growth (what are they going to take from this activity into their lives?)

And the National Day Activities?

Here at Kikori, we think it's important to educate our students on important days of the year and learn what they stand for. To make team building in the classroom or at youth development programs MEANINGFUL, we've included a special National Holiday for every day and a corresponding team building activity. We did our homework to find the best days for kids to celebrate!

What is your favorite part of the calendar? What are some things you wish were a part of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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