Celebrate CampKindness Day on July 20th with Kikori

Updated: Jul 14

A unified day of activities celebrating the value and impact of Intentional Kindness

On July 20th, across the nation, we will all be celebrating Kindness together.

The value of intentional kindness IS part of the camp fabric.

On this day, we shine the spotlight and celebrate together.

Are you a camp that wants to celebrate but doesn’t know how to get involved? Are you a camp that has participated before and wants some new ideas? Do you have special CampKindness Day activities that you would love to share with other camps? Kikori is here for you!

Kikori is teaming up with KindnessEvolution to celebrate CampKindness Day! This day was inspired by Scott Ralls from Southwoods Camp and launched in collaboration with the American Camp Association to make celebrating kindness this summer easier than ever! Kikori’s community-driven platform provides counselors and educators with access to kindness activities that will help your campers celebrate kindness while they play, reflect, connect and grow.

Search and get great new ideas of ways to celebrate.

  1. Download Kikori on your device - it’s available for FREE on Apple, Android or Desktop!

  2. This is how you play! Check out the Camp Carousel to find CampKindness activities to play with your campers!

  3. Share your CampKindness activities and tag #KikoriApp, #KindnessEvolution and #CampKindnessDay

Do YOU have CampKindness Day Activities?? Share them through Kikori!

  1. Use the +Create button to create your OWN kindness activities

  2. Watch this Video to learn how to create activities on Kikori - it’s super easy!

  3. Make sure to add the Camp attribute and add (CampKindness) onto the end of your Activity Title

  4. Submit your activity as Public for approval and complete this CampKindness form (2 min) so we can share your camp and activity to the world!

  5. Email the parents of your campers with a link to Kikori to allow them a sneak peek into the CampKindness Day programming and the learning and reflecting and growing that their kids are going to be part of on this special day.

We are all in this together. Kikori is making sure of that!

If you have a CampKindness Day activity, let us know. We would love to feature it on the CampKindness Summer Playlist. You and your camp will also be featured on Kikori and CampKindness Day highlights! We’ll be shouting out camps and activities throughout the month of July. We’ll be sure to tag you when we mention YOU!

Download this FREE Printable to make it easy to play CampKindness Day activities!

CampKindness Day Planner Printable
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