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Experiential Education Kikori App Created by Female Founders

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

By Dr. Tracy Weber via

If experiential education, learning by doing, is scientifically proven to work why isn’t it the preferred teaching and learning method? Creative educators have so much existing knowledge about what students need and wisdom about what practices support holistic growth they just required the right tool to leverage it.

Who Created the Kikori App

Kikori Co-founders, Kendra Bostick, and Bryn Lottig have the answer. These two social entrepreneurs lived the trials of facilitating different learning styles, time constraints, and required/desired outcomes. Kendra worked in inpatient behavioral health hospitals and as a School Social Worker for 8 years, whereas Bryn led outdoor expeditions, facilitated leadership training, and worked as an Adventure Coordinator at a K-8 School. During all of this work, both Kendra and Bryn grew individually through experiential learning practices. They also began to incorporate these practices in their work, and when they did, the changes they saw in students was astounding.

An App with Experiential & Social Emotional Learning Activities

Instead of ignoring the challenges of integrating experiential education in schools, camps, and other youth-focused programs, they created an easy-to-use app featuring hundreds of experiential and social emotional learning activities to improve well-being and meet academic goals – virtually or in-person.

Kendra and Bryn knew, from over 20 combined years in the field, that if they could combine social emotional learning standards, 21st century skills, and teaching standards, the tool they created would have the potential to meet every students’ unique needs. Thus, the birth of Kikori.