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Our 2021 Impact Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What you'll see in this report is the result of ongoing cycles of experimenting, learning, and trying new experiments. We're proud to share with you the impact Kikori is making. We look forward to continuing to open hearts and minds in 2022.

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

The quote above perfect way to describe 2021 for our team at Kikori. As our company grows, what we are most proud of - beyond the new downloads and innovative ideas - is the way we practice what we preach. In all our efforts to spread experiential, Social Emotional Learning - we are living it. Every Monday, our fearless facilitator, Bryn, leads us through a different team building exercise. Through these activities, we play, reflect, connect and grow - gaining new self-awareness and evolving who we are as individuals AND as a team.

When we ask our interns at the end of their time with us, each one has shared that it is the KIKORI TEAM CULTURE they will miss the most - how they felt cared for, that their ideas mattered, and that they were inspired to make a difference. THIS is Kikori. THIS is the joy and hope that we want to help teachers experience - so they are able to inspire this same joy and hope in their students. When we see ourselves growing as individuals, we are reminded why we believe experiential, social emotional learning activities are so important for our students.

THIS is the journey that we are on, to bring about change we believe in.

Download the Full Impact Report Here:

Kikori Impact 2021 _ The Time is Now
Download PDF • 14.79MB

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