Monday Morning Openers

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Each new day we have the opportunity to begin again and set the scene for success. Morning Meetings are the perfect moment in the school routine to set a positive tone for your classroom and create a safe environment in which to learn. “Openers” are engaging activities designed to establish purpose and build relationships. We’ve gathered together a week worth of Openers ready to use in your classroom. Whether you are meeting in-person or online, these simple activities are a great way to start your day with a focus on social emotional learning and developing your classroom community while having fun! Mindful Monday: Fold Your Arms An easy way to introduce ideas about comfort and learning Together Tuesday: Human Uno A sharing activity great for building relationships Wellness Wednesday: Fruit Salad A simple “repeat after me” song that is fun for young children Thoughtful Thursday: Comfort Zone A trust-building ice melter exploring comfort zones Fun Friday: Are You More Like…? An ice melter with get-to-know-you questions and metaphors Download the app now to check them out!

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